Base industrial production Ukraine is the steel industry.Industrial enterprises of Ukraine production, refining and producing ferrous and non-ferrous metals - pipes, boilers, steel wire, tanks, radiators, cast iron and steel.Production of metallurgical industry in significant volumes exported to the EU, the Middle East, Asia and South America.
Energy Ukraine is underdeveloped, the country is one of the volatile oil and gas imports states.The share of oil production in Ukraine is so small that it does not allow even their own needs.But the coal industry, on the contrary, occupies a le
ading position in the world.Enormous amounts of brown and black coal allow Ukraine is in third place in Europe among other countries earners.
Light industry of the state represented by the production of textile, apparel and leather products.Today, due to the economic crisis, in this area there is a significant decline.The most stable in this area is the production of knitwear and hosiery, different types of fabrics, carpets.
Food industry is realized in the form of food production and has about three thousand items, including alcohol, brewing, dairy, meat, bakery, confectionery, tobacco, fish, butter and cheese, sugar, wine, canningproducts.
country's agriculture focused on the cultivation of grain and cereal crops, potatoes.The state ranked sixth in the world for the supply of wheat and the third - for the export of maize.Growing potatoes from the experience of previous years provides for the collection of record harvests, but in the absence of major vegetable stores, does not allow this type of agriculture one of the leading.
on the territory of Ukraine also conducted activities in forestry.Forest of the area is not large - only 14.3% of the total territory of the state.Almost 90% - Polesie and the Carpathians, where the logging and all woodworking enterprises, furniture factories and pulp and paper production are located in major Ukrainian cities such as Lviv, Kharkiv, Kiev, Odessa.Due to the limited amount of raw material for the production of paper and cardboard factories for their production switched to an alternative form of the raw materials used - production of paper and cardboard from recycled paper.