By "consumer basket" refers to a specific set of goods and services are objectively required to meet the priority needs of the person.That is something without which every human life is almost impossible.

Principles of the consumer basket

composition of the consumer basket determined by scientific and empirical methods.It was based on extensive research, based on who could identify priority items needed every modern man for survival.

The minimum consumer basket is designed to meet a lower bar for human needs for food, clothing, etc.The structure of the consumer basket includes food, clothing, footwear, household goods and services.

consumer basket is sensitive to inflation.Due to changes in pricing and the
overall development of the economy and changing the composition and quantity of the basket.For example, under the concept of the consumer basket now get footage of apartments, the number of gigokalory central heating per year, the amount of water in the knocks, cubic meters of gas, electricity, transport costs, non-food products, food products, the cost of leisure, etc.

occupy half of the consumer basket food.The second largest group - non-food items, which include clothing, shoes, etc.Utility costs are on the 3rd place in the formation potrebkorziny.Today

basket more closer to modern realities, be adjusted to a number of parameters.So, food correlated with the norms of a healthy diet, and non-food part led to more real values.

calculation of the consumer basket includes calculations of minimum food basket, a set of non-food products, a set of services.The entire basket should meet the needs of the major social groups in the food, do not forget about poor families, allows for selection of products that need to organize a healthy diet at a minimal cost.The same applies to the formation of the remaining two parts of the basket.

problems basket

Today politics often take the consumer basket as a dogma, and it guided the formation of the budget, assuming that the average person has to fit into the allotted norm.In fact the same amount of food and other items in potrebkorzine makes a mockery among the townsfolk.Political scientists argue that to take the calculations of the standard basket in any case impossible, sinceit is only a starting point for the calculation of the full human diet.

authorities to reach a consensus can not be, becausedifficult to agree among themselves once the three departments - the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Health.Each of the heads of these ministries has its own calculations on the basket, and the arguments of opponents they do not agree.