In early June 2012 at media holding "Kommersant" there have been personnel changes.He left the position of CEO Demyan Kudryavtsev, a member of management of the holding of more than 10 years.He was replaced by CEO teleholdinga YUTV Dmitry Sergeev.At the same time the board of directors headed by the general director of the company controlled by Alisher Usmanov "Megaphone" Ivan Tavrin.

in late June the new management announced the suspension of the "Kommersant TV."According to Dmitry Sergeyev, a channel in the form in which it is broadcast, economically inefficient and will never be able to go to self-sufficiency.Significant costs of maintaining broadcasting and broadcast TV signals via cable networks have forced the new leadership, whose aim is to optimize the business in the holding company to suspend broad

Channel "Kommersant TV" and radio station "Kommersant FM» is the brainchild of former CEO Demyan Kudryavtsev, which are unaffected by the planned operating profit, and the lion's share of media holding - 80% - now brings the publishing house.
However, Dmitry Sergeev said that the channel is closed forever, and hinted that the new model will be worked through its development, maybe there will be a return to the traditional leading, etc.

But probably the most likely form of existence of the channel, at least initially, will be webcast.According to Dmitry Sergeyev, currently holding management worked out a new information and economic concept, and within it will decide on the resumption of broadcasting on the Internet.

«Kommersant TV" is not the first project of the media holding, has undergone optimization.Even earlier was closed Russian-language version of the magazine Citizen K. Similarly, management structure explained this step by commercial reasons.