Pyotr Fomenko graduated from several schools.Among them Musical Pedagogical Institute.Gnesin, MM CollegeIppolitov-Ivanov violin.And from the Moscow Art Theatre School he was expelled in his third year for "hooliganism".

Then he was admitted to Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after VILenin the Faculty, which Peter graduated in absentia in 1955.Here, the future filmmaker friends with YIVizbor, YU.CH.Kim, YIKoval.Organized "skits" rehearsing "The Stone Guest" ASPushkin.It is at the time of arrival of the first staging performances Fomenko.

parallel with the Moscow State Pedagogical young man he studied at the directing department GITIS on course NMGorchakov.Performance "New Mystery-Bouffe", st
aged by Peter immediately after graduation in the Theater.Leningrad City Council in 1969, became a legend.The work was not allowed before the premiere.Then came the two to Fomenko Leningrad criticism IIAnd RM SchneidermanBenyash, and advised him to leave the city.But he did not listen to them, and succeed again and again.

At this time Pyotr Fomenko odd jobs.He participated in programs on television, rehearsed and played different roles in the drama club, and even in private practice philologist.

permanent job in Moscow, he could not find it.Then Fomenko decided to go to Tbilisi, where they got to the theater.Griboyedov.This institution worked 2 seasons.Later he moved to Leningrad.In 1977, it approved the chief director of the Leningrad Comedy Theatre.Hence, he resigned after a conflict with the leadership and returned to Moscow.In 1989 he was admitted to the theater named EBVakhtangov.

were directed by world-wide success.Works regularly became winners of different awards (im. Stanislavsky, "Crystal Turandot", "Golden Mask").In 1993 Fomenko was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia, was nominated for the title of winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, presented the award "Triumph" and him.BDT.Pyotr Fomenko is the holder of the Order "For Services to the Fatherland» IV and III degrees.

In 2000 he took a job at the Paris Conservatory.In 2003, he retired and settled in Moscow again.Died director August 9, 2012 and was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.