you need
  • - passport;
  • - pen.
Wait copyist visit to your home if you do not plan to visit the point of the census.
Let the copyist in the apartment.
Answer his questions.Most likely, you are not require any supporting documents.But in answering the questions, note that their content may depend on the adoption of important for the citizens, including you, the decisions at the state or local level.For example, based on the number of small children in the area can predict the future needs of its residents in the schools.So first of all in your best interest to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth.Typically, census takers are interested in age, sex, education level, occupation and similar information about you and your family.So that dis
closing this information is unlikely to somehow harm you.And your personal data are recorded only to the fact that the scribes did not bother you again.
Find out where is the nearest point of the census, if you have no desire or ability to wait for the transcriber at home.For example, if all adult members of your family work, and spend a weekend away from home, the scribe just will not be able to find you.Check the address and hours of operation of the census items you can from the media, the website dedicated to this event, the local authorities.Information about them is usually posted in public places, on the official notice board, if they are provided in your area.For the convenience of working these items are usually open on weekends, so ask for leave his superiors to participate in the census, you do not have.
whenever you visit the point of the census and let their desire to take part in it.Just in case, bring your passport.He may need to fix what you've interviewed, and do not send census takers to your home.This will save both them and your time.
Follow workers point: you hold an available specialist who will fix all the information that you are asked to give of himself and his family.
Answer the questions that you are asked.Most likely, the scribe will record your oral answers itself.However, it can offer and fill in the form - the form of the census may vary from time to time.With the answer to the last question of your participation in the census is completed.