July 7 to the old style, the new - July 20 is celebrated the memory of the Reverend Euphrosyne in in the world - Avdotia (Evdokia), who is the daughter of Prince Dmitry Konstantinovich of Suzdal.She married Avdotya of Prince of Moscow - Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoy, and their union has become the key to successful peace between Suzdal and Moscow.

Princess Evdokia different pious.Sergius of Radonezh, who baptized one of his sons Avdotia and Dmitri and Metropolitan of Moscow Alexy had a huge impact on her.Ruler became known to the people that built several temples in the Russian land and female Ascension Monastery in the Kremlin.

Unknown to all Avdotia observe strict fasting and wearing chains under the magnificent princely clothes.And after raised five children, he d
ecided to devote himself to the service of God.She took vows as a monk and took the name of Euphrosyne.Already the former Princess Avdotya spent the last years of his life in prayer.

Avdotya named Senognoykoy only because her birthday party is almost always poured rain that prevent hay.Because of the high moisture hay unharvested begins to rot right on the meadows.Therefore it tried to collect as soon as possible in the stacks, the peasants say: "Not so scary clouds if sgrebesh hay pile."

That July 7 began the harvest in the fields, which were singing and carrying sickles, wrapped in a towel.The first cut brought a sheaf tied with a towel, and then carried into the church, where he consecrated.Then they put the bundle in the front corner of the house, and after dinner or lunch they drove the flies out of the house.This bundle in each house were stored until the autumn, and on October 14 (the day of the Protection of the Mother of God), they were treated to sheep, cows, horses and goats that they ate better prepared for winter fodder.