Sergey Kapitsa was born on February 14, 1928 in the home of the Nobel Prize in Physics Peter Kapitza and daughter of the famous Russian shipbuilder Anna Krylova.Godfather scientist became famous Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov.His birthplace has appeared Cambridge (UK), where he lived for only seven years, after which the family moved to Moscow.

After the MAI in 1949, Kapitza began to study supersonic aerodynamics, magnetism and physics of elementary particles.During this period he published his first scientific works, which immediately attracted the attention of a young scientist.In 1956 Sergey became a teacher of MIPT, and five years later earned a doctorate in Physics an
d Mathematics.In 1965 Kapitsa became a professor and chair of General Physics MIPT.Until 1998, he gave the students of Institute of general physics, requiring students to independent work outside the institution.

Along with teaching Sergei Petrovich was actively engaged in science, to his credit four major monographs, numerous articles, 14 inventions and one opening.That he belongs to the creation of mathematical models calibrated hyperbolic growth of world population, which includes the period from 1 AD to the present day.In addition, Sergei Kapitsa is considered one of the founders of cliodynamics.

In the early seventies, a book Kapitza "Life Science", and after a while he began to transmit "Obvious - unbelievable," which can still be seen on Russian television.From 1983 until the end of his days Sergey was the chief editor of the popular science magazine "World of Science" (with the exception of the period from 1993 to 2002).

For his scientific and educational activities Kapitsa was awarded numerous honors and awards (Prize for the Popularization of Science Academy of Sciences in 2002, the Kalinga Prize by UNESCO in 1979, etc.).In 2008, Sergey was awarded the "Taffy" For personal contribution to Russian television, he's more than 35 years he was a regular presenter of the program "Obvious incredible."Kapitsa died on August 14, 2012 in Moscow and is buried next to his father at the Novodevichy cemetery capital.