Spain always associated with bullfights.Maestranza arena or area Bulls (La Real Maestranza) - one of the most important in the world and one of the oldest and most beautiful in Spain.It is here that there was a pedestrian bullfight, the matador first time when dismounted.Whatever your attitude to the bullfight, visit a museum dedicated to horses and bulls, which contains rare exhibits, including a cloak, painted by Pablo Picasso.In Seville, the most active and expensive bullfighting season - this
April, when festivals are held annually and are the famous bullfighters.

Another symbol of Spain - wine.Jerez (Jerez) - famous strong Spanish wine with a wonderful flavor and delicate aroma.This sherry is made only in Andalusia.

Seville - the city of Don Juan, Carmen and flamenco.There preserved building of the old tobacco factory, where she worked as a beauty-burning gypsy Carmen from the novella by Prosper Merimee.Now it is the local university.From Seville in his swimming off the legendary Christopher Columbus.

The architecture of the city can be called "horizontal", due to the low height of buildings, especially in the center.But there are outstanding in every sense of monuments such as the Giralda - the tallest tower in Seville, the height of about 98 meters. It is an ancient minaret, which was built as a mosque, and then became the bell tower of the cathedral, and now - it is a symbol of the city.If you overpower 34 stairs to the height of the tower you will have a nice view of Seville.

Plaza de Espana - the main monument of the Ibero-American Exhibition in 1929 arranged in a semicircle, made of red brick, the walls in the niches represented all the provinces of Spain.Sex every niche paved with colorful mosaics.

Cathedral of Seville, built in the XV century. - The world's largest Gothic cathedral and the third highest after St. Peter in Rome and San Pablo in London.A Reales Alcazares ancient palace was the residence of the Spanish kings.Visit in the palace, which was once Christopher Columbus met with monarchs.

in Seville attractions includes the Gold Tower - an observation post XIII century.Built in 1120, the roof of clay bricks laid out that the sun shone like gold, why, and got its name.Now here is the Maritime Museum.

sure to visit the neighborhood of Santa Cruz - the old Jewish quarter near the cathedral.Many souvenir shops, walls, overgrown with flowers, romantic ambience and beautiful views of the cathedral attracts tourists.

Triana Bridge With stunning views of the Golden Tower, the Bulls Square and La Giralda.Try to get here at dawn, at dusk or at night.And on the outskirts of Seville it is the largest park in the city - Alamillo.It paved paths for walking and cycling, and even runs a train.

can not imagine Spain without its magnificent beaches.Autonomous Region of Valencia in the south-east of the country - the center of beach tourism in Spain.The coastline of the region is 485 km.Valencia Beaches awarded the Blue Flag of the EU, and on this indicator region surpassed all other Spanish regions.Valencia is one of the most popular amusement parks in Spain - "Terra Mitica", built based on the known myths of antiquity.

Cathedral (Catedral de Valencia) - a grand building in the city center and important sights of Valencia.It contains the Holy Grail - the same cup from which Christ ate the Last Supper.Do not pass by the Apostles gate or portal Puerta de los Apostoles.Once a week, on Thursday, at noon there are going to members of the "Water Tribunal" - is the oldest judicial institution in Europe, its task is to distribute the water to irrigate the valley.Now, this tradition has survived more for the entertainment of tourists and is one of the business cards of Valencia.