Despite the differences in traditions and customs, in any society, the family formed through marriage.When two people decide to take the vows, they acquire certain rights, responsibilities and privileges in relation to each other, and the two of them in relation to their children, other family members and society as a whole.As part of society, the family is endowed with a number of important functions, keep it running.
sexual regulation.Through family society organizes sexual relations between people.This is especially true now, when premarital and extramarital sexual relations become quite normal.Often they get married after a long joint cohabitation with the wife already had several sexual partners.In the last century this way of life is strongly condemne
reproductive function.No reproduction of new generations of society simply cease to exist.Therefore, the state uses certain mechanisms for the regulation of fertility.For example, to help young families in the form of payments for child care.Such policy is actively pursued in countries where the population is declining.
Socialization.The family - a source of certain cultural patterns that are replenished and handed down from generation to generation.Here, the child is instilled culture of society, knowledge of moral norms, concepts of duty, honor, goodness and justice.It copies the behaviors of their parents, which lay the foundation of his own behavior in the future.
Provide emotional support, emotional and spiritual communion.People childhood deprived of parental care, are more likely to suffer mental health problems, have problems communicating, tendency to uncontrollable actions.Trust relationships with their families, their support and understanding - is the key to mental health and positive life attitude.When the family becomes a support person, he feels confident and achieves great success in life.
institution of the family, depending on its value orientations, provides its members with physical, psychological and economic protection.In addition, the children receive from their parents part of their accumulated spiritual, ethical and moral values.Therefore, the fate of man in many respects defines family membership to a particular social class.