culinary career

Gordon Ramsay was born in Johnston in 1966.As a child, his family moved frequently.Ramsey wrote in his autobiography that his childhood was difficult because of his alcoholic father.The complex relationship with his father became the reason of the fact that in 16 years, Gordon began to live separately.

As a child, the future chef was seriously engaged in football.His sports career was accompanied by constant injuries.Because one of these injuries Ramsay was forced to interrupt his career player.By this time he was seriously interested in cooking, and having considered all the options, I decided to study hotel business.

After college, Ramsey served as Assistant chef replaced a number of restaurants, and eventually moved to
London.After two years in the restaurant Harvey's, Gordon decided to study French cuisine and settled in the famous French restaurant in London.A year later, Ramsay moved to France, and then became the personal chef on a yacht in Bermuda.

On his return to London in 1993, Ramsay was invited to the position of chef at the famous restaurant La Tante Claire.Shortly thereafter, Ramsay became chef and owner of the shares in the restaurant "Aubergine", which received its first Michelin star a few months later.In 1997, "eggplant" received a second Michelin star.Despite the success of the restaurant, Gordon decided to withdraw from the position of chef, wishing to open their own business.In 1998, his dream came true - he opened a restaurant called Gordon Ramsay.In 2001, the restaurant received a third Michelin star, Ramsay became the first Scottish chef who achieved such success.

Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Empire began to expand rapidly.Opened establishments in Glasgow, Tokyo, New York, Ireland, Los Angeles, Montreal.

As Chef Ramsay has been widely recognized.The restaurant "Gordon Ramsay" recognized as the best in the UK for 8 years.Many of his establishments awarded Michelin stars.In January 2011, Ramsay was inducted into the culinary hall of fame.


first time Ramsey appeared on television in the TV show "Boiling Point" and "Boiling Point 2", telling about his restaurant business.Ramsay was the real fame after the release of the 2004 reality show "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Hell's Kitchen."In the first television show chef visited the restaurant on the verge of a crisis, identify their problems and within a week trying to fix things.In "Hell's Kitchen" several cooks fought for the right to become a chef in a famous restaurant.The show featured a high emotional tension and uncomfortable situation, what was the major contribution of Ramsay.

In 2005, Ramsay offered to do an American version of "Hell's Kitchen."In the American version, the interior of the original and have focused on the straightness and temper Gordon Ramsay.Soon the place and the premiere of the American version of "kitchen nightmares".At the moment came seven seasons of the successful show.

In 2005, the program has also appeared F-World, where Chef Ramsay and his team, consisting mainly of non-professional cooks prepare lunch for 50 people.The show Ramsay went on his way mocking and hard person.The show goes so far.