address you prepared claims will largely depend on the type of offense and admitted, is generally determined by the method of insubordination.That is, the complaint is forwarded to higher authorities responsible for the work of employees "guilty" division.
Questions relating to abuse of power should be addressed directly to the district prosecutor's office, working in the direction of tax organizations operating at the offense, either local, regional or central control FTS.
Under entered since the beginning of January 2009, in the work of the so-called procedure of appeal against decisions of tax authorities, the person who does not agree with the act and the above calcula
tions of the tax audit, has the right within 15 days from the date of the judgmentto submit written objections.If you receive the unsatisfactory result of complaints filed appeal petition, addressed to the higher tax authorities.
complaint must contain not only the full name of the tax authority has violated, but also the entire list of details and personal data of the affected person, including VAT, the basic requirements and the amount to be appealed.At the same time all sanctions handed down in the contested decision of the tax authority, shall be suspended during the pendency of the aforesaid complaint.
last resort unmet taxpayer are the judiciary, in which the subject is drawn to the statement of claim.Legal entities are turning to arbitration, physical direct claims to the court of general jurisdiction.
with written requests must be referred to the legal norms, laws and regulations, list specific names of the guilty officials and as detailed as possible to paint effects that were caused by various illegal actions or calculations.It is necessary to make copies and lists of all the settlement documents, indicate the specific requirements with which the complaint is addressed, whether the request for the necessary sanctions to the perpetrators or the desire to recalculate.