If an artist is distracted by practical issues - distributing tickets, transfers and rider training scenes and stuff, he has no strength left to histrionics.Therefore, next to each professional artists is always a person able to decide the most appropriate way to all these and only these problems.For the Russian audience this position is known as a producer, but the same post in different countries and in different historical periods called "entrepreneur", "manager", "agent", "director", "manager".
Despite the apparent synonymous, there are nuances that differentiate these concepts.Manager - it is rather an administrator, an entrepreneur engaged in the creation of projects, creative participation in the project is not exclude
d.Impresario is in the service of the artist and sells his talent, his creativity.Modern producer (the expression comes from the American show business) combines all of the above functions.
hard to say, when there was a position of manager in the appearance of the first Russian impresario associated with the rule of Ivan the Terrible - a great lover of theater performances.Stray artists could combine artistic activities and functions of fundraising, but with the emergence of entertainment stationary target audience is expanding, respectively, and increased fees, and requirements for quality performances.The impresario was to ensure the success of the actor and in public, and his income.Sample unproductive impresario - Karabas Barabas.The success of his views provide the ruthless exploitation of the dolls, but any tyranny sooner or later meets resistance.Therefore, the relationship between the actor and impresario are of great importance in shaping the success of the artist, as an income-generating activities of the entertainer manager.
Every artist or creative team has an agent.But there are agents, whose name is better known than the name promoted them stars.Even far from the ballet person knows the name of Diaghilev.Diaghilev organized a triumphal tour of Russian ballet to Europe, thus he has not only given the opportunity to make the team, but also established a solid reputation as the Russian ballet.There are also talented impresarios such as Yuri Ayzenshpis, Joseph Prigogine, the most famous of which was the project of singer Valeria.But most of the producer located in the shadow of the stars, despite the fact that in most cases the popularity of the artist, he does it.