modern war often begins with an active political training.To achieve the effect of a foreign country the aggressor is trying to use progress in the political structures and authorities of another country of his henchmen.This hidden aggression often turns into a direct pressure on the power of the sovereign state and the imposition of a potential enemy of his will.
Sometimes the result of political influence are not satisfied with the aggressor, especially if the "victim" retains the ability to resist a foreign political will.In this case the tactics of the "velvet" revolutions or direct military intervention in the internal affairs of the state.The usual excuse
when it becomes a "restoration of democracy" or crackdown "terrorists."The political phase of aggression develops into outright hostilities.
Most modern warfare takes place within a limited area.But this does not mean that the local military action can not cover large areas.An example is the global war against terrorism waged by the United States around the world.If this or that political group is not satisfied with the US government, it is equated with a terrorist organization, and becomes the object of aggression.
Modern wars are total character as cover not only all the physical space inhabited by people, but also the mental space.One of the most powerful factors of modern military confrontation - the information war being waged on television, radio and the Internet.For those involved in military conflicts, on all sides poured streams of information, much of which is biased and can not be verified.
special nature of modern warfare is associated with a change in the purpose of military action.If in the old days the aggressor sought to achieve the surrender of the enemy and the overthrow of the legitimate government, it is now trying to "dissolve" state power, casting doubt on the fact of its existence.This tactic makes the resistance from the "victim" meaningless, because it becomes unclear what is required to protect.
war in the modern era are protracted.Fighting often can not be reduced to a single decisive battle or series of battles.An example is the military conflict in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.From time to time one of the parties to exercise a decisive military operation, but this only leads to a temporary local victory, without affecting the overall outcome of the war.