invention of the wheel archaeologists date the last quarter of V millennium BC.The earliest models of the wheels were found in Romania and Ukraine.Later discoveries were made in Poland, Germany, the Northern Black Sea.In Mesopotamia in 2700 BC already have spread the chariots that were depicted in the drawings and have been found in the tombs of Sumerian kings.
In the southern Urals in the II millennium BC, there was an improved model - a wheel with spokes.At the same time, Asia Minor was invented wheel with rim and bent.Even after a thousand years, the Celts to increase the strength of their chariots began using the metal rim around the wheel, in modern cars, buggies and bikes that perform the function of rubber tires.
wheel was used not only in transportation.It has found its application in th
e mill, the potter's wheel, spinning wheel, and later in a variety of manufactured machines and in mines.However, its main function has remained heavy loads over long distances on land.Also, the wheel was used in warfare.Chariots were widespread in the ancient world of the Middle East to the British Isles.
wheel at times reduces the energy cost of moving cargo by land.Wheel becomes a simple mechanism, if the center to impose on fixed or rotating axis.If the axis connecting the two wheels, their rotation is thus as if they were one body.It is a simple mechanical device is still used in modern cars.
wheel axis is used to obtain mechanical advantage, by increasing the force applied by the torque.Clutch carts to the ground occurs only at the bottom of the wheels of the vehicle for which the function of supporting the system, which significantly reduces the loss of energy when moving.
important role in the economic sphere wheel has found its expression in his metaphorical deification.In different cultures it symbolizes the movement of the sun.In Buddhism, it represents the law and the truth, perfection and symmetry of the universe, peaceful change.Winged Wheel - a symbol of speed, and the war chariot wheel associated with the rule and authority.In the mythology of the ancient Greeks and Romans wheel with six spokes and is an attribute of Zeus (the Roman version) Jupiter.