At the beginning of this century, Chinese archaeologists to survey the eastern regions of the country, found a number of unique items that shed light on the origins of writing ancient Eastern nations.In animal bones and fragments of stone products, scientists have found an image of characters, vaguely reminiscent of modern Chinese characters.These fragments have solid age - they are about 4500 years old.
Until recently it was assumed that the first examples of Chinese characters belong to a later time.Earlier findings from turtle shells carved on them the written characters were dated around the second millennium BC.Special analysis has shown that the earli
est shells with hieroglyphs are about 1600-th year before Christ.Inscriptions made on shells, apparently, wearing a ritual.
first information about the most ancient hieroglyphs were made by amateur archaeologist.Fragments of bones were first discovered by chance during the development of new agricultural land.In a preliminary study of written characters and evaluation of their age it took several months.More time was required on the identification and deciphering the inscriptions.
scientists found the first Chinese characters were drawn several rows and arranged in accordance with a specific theme.Scientists have identified so far only a few categories of signs: celestial bodies, food, wildlife, a variety of geometric shapes.Some characters are repeated several times.More than a hundred of animal bones, which were elaborately carved with hieroglyphs, belong to the same era.
Until recently, Chinese linguists have been inclined to believe the ancient characters are not written characters and graphic part of the culture of their ancestors.Maybe at first it was.But a more detailed study revealed that the characters on the bones are pronounced meaning, that is, have all the characteristics of this letter.It is interesting that some of the elements of the characters have similarities to modern Chinese characters.
Not all "protoieroglify" so far failed to decipher.The meaning of some characters eludes analysis and can be interpreted in different ways.Yet the ancient Chinese writing system allows you to make a number of important conclusions about the features of the culture and history of this nation, lagging by far for a few millennia.It is possible that the front researchers are waiting for new discoveries that can further push the boundaries of time, which outlined the history of the emergence of writing in China.