gas conflict began in the mid-2000s, when the authorities in Ukraine was Viktor Yushchenko.Despite the fact that the gas supplied to Ukraine at a lower price (compared to European consumers), Yushchenko said that prices for Russian gas deliberately overstated, and Ukraine can not pay for the "blue fuel" as much.From time to time we attacked the truce in the conflict (the longest was from 2006 to 2010).

At the moment, the gas conflict has received a new round of development due to the tense political situation in Ukraine.About six weeks ago, the President of Russia VVPutin gave the Ukrainian government term (1 month) so that it had paid the debt for gas.It should be noted that today Ukraine owes Russia about $ 2.5 billion.If Ukraine does not pay the debt, Russia will have to go to court to collect the
debt for gas.

Why Ukraine will not pay for gas

's reluctance to pay the debt for Russian gas Kiev explained by the fact that the price per 1,000 cubic meters is too high.If earlier Russian offer discounts on gas for Ukraine, but now the cost of a cubic meter has risen above the average market price (discount price of 1,000 cubic meters of gas was 268.5 dollars, now the price has risen to $ 485).This fact disturbs the Ukrainian government.Despite the fact that Ukraine has a huge debt for gas, it also demands the return of discounts for fuel.This position of the Ukrainian authorities outraged "Gazprom".

Low cost of 1,000 cubic meters of gas was due to an agreement with the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.Due to the fact that now in power in Ukraine came to totally different people, the discount has been canceled.

Possible options for the gas conflict

To date, experts, there are two versions of the gas conflict.First - Ukraine will be able to pay the debt to Russia.Second - Ukraine refuses debts bring the case to court, lose it and will pay the debt for a long time the supply and purchase of gas.In fact, it appears that Ukraine intends to "hold on" to the second version of the conflict.At the moment, by the Interim Government of Ukraine does not come any action in terms of payment of debts.That is why the people of Ukraine will have to prepare for the worst.

gas conflict resolution

Most likely, the gas conflict will not be settled amicably, as a term, the VVPutin is almost out, and the interim government of Ukraine has done nothing to somehow reduce or repay the debt in full.