Unlike previously built the pyramids, which is composed of blocks held together with clay mortar, the tomb of Pharaoh Cheops is composed of huge monoliths that have not stitched anything other than its own weight.For a snug fit hewing stone to the ideal horizontal, so that between the blocks could not even stick a knife blade.
Pyramid, built in the XXVI century BC.e., rose to 146.6 meters.Total 210 rows of masonry of 2 million blocks of stone.The base is a square with sides 230.4 meters, targeting well strictly to the cardinal.Examining the geometry of the architecture, the researchers hypothesized that the builders of the pyramids of Cheops were familiar not only in astronomy, but also with the number π = 3,14 ....
At the base of the construction is faced with granite.On the north side is the main entrance to the interior.It was discovered after the cladding has been removed part.Now tourists to visit the pyramids input is used, which is located a few meters below the ground.It was broken by robbers, treasure hunters for many years.
Just tomb is located three rooms.Sloping corridor extending 105 meters from the entrance leads into the lower chamber, carved in the rock.It is still not able to establish its purpose (in other pyramids are no such facilities).From this abandoned unfinished "extra" room leads up an almost vertical hole, ending Grotto.All researchers agree on the fact that all these passages and niches existed before the construction of the tomb.
main premises are located in the center of the pyramid.Rising corridor 40 m long, beginning just a few meters from the entrance, a large gallery and ends with the entrance to the House of Pharaoh width of 5.3 m, a length of 10.5 m and a height of 5.8 m. Here in the western corner of the thousands of years later, after the burial, archaeologists have discovered roughlyhewn sarcophagus lid open and close no jewelry.Outside the camera are narrow ducts are also orientated to the cardinal.
located a few meters below the Queen's Chamber.It leads to a horizontal corridor of the Grand Gallery.It is slightly smaller tomb of the Pharaoh and so thoroughly trimmed, but is strictly for west-east axis.In one of the walls hollowed niche.Presumably, her flock of a statue of the ruler and husband.
Above all premises handling the camera, scientists have discovered a total height of 17 m. They were intended to take on its stone arches of the severity of a million tons.Their walls were found inscriptions left by the builders of the Great Pyramid, extant Wonder.