Angelica is a self-sufficient and a bit of a closed person.It does not differ special sociability since childhood, but this anxiety is also not experiencing.

The Angelica is not increased thirst for knowledge, information about surrounding things interested her only as a reflection of his own inner world.

Angelica - man standing, she does not like to change the circumstances.She needed a lot of time to get used to the new.He does not like it and pressure from others, it leads only to a distance from them.

People with this name are paying attention to the external aesthetics, therefore, always look good and young.They love to change outfits and make an impression, becoming an example for others.


Angelica Angelica is very concerned about finding yourself, it is a lifetime can lead the search for their vocation.After finding it, Angelica becom
es a real specialist in this field.Self-satisfaction is very important for a person with this name.

Angelica often finds itself in creativity, self-realization of this kind brings her a lot of pleasure.From Angelica can get great designer, as she thinking outside the box.This Angelica completely devoid of vanity, it works only for itself.

Life Angelica

in society Angelica kept slightly detached, slowly open up to others.It is absorbed by self, often guided solely by their own interests when making decisions.This tendency over the years increasingly shuts Angelica from other people.

Angelica is his work on this feature because no talent and the mind does not save in the absence of communication skills.She needs to learn to work in a team.

Find a couple or acquire another does not is a priority for Angelica, it is distinguished by clarity in humans.If a person does not meet the ideal of what was intended, it will not be a friend of Angelica.But if she finds the right person, it is given to the senses completely.

Angelique chooses a partner by the criterion of spiritual similarities, it attracts sophisticated and erudite man.It can be difficult to maintain relationships with in-laws, the need to communicate with them seriously straining Angelica.

thing is that it is alien to the madding crowd, she wants to dissociate itself from this.Because loneliness attracts Angelica.Others see it as a detached and alienated man.

Married Angelica will often seek to be alone, she needed a place to retreat.There she will contemplate, read a book, relax.