gas engine is designed not only for large vehicles, it is fine and passenger car, since any fuel mixture, in fact, somehow make the engine work.Especially attractive is the comparison of prices - gas is twice cheaper than gasoline!There is a fair question, then why not go to the car owners as an economical fuel, and the owners of gas stations have not yet been ruined?Because every phenomenon has another side, which is not always attractive.Before going into the car on gas, it is worth considering two options: the economic and technical.The first aspect is easy to calculate using a conventional calculator, you only need to know a few key figures.For example, the car consumes per 100 km 12 liters of fuel, it is average for a car with an engi
ne of 1.6 liters.At a cost of 92-octane gasoline 20 cents per liter of gas will have to pay 10. Examine prices in the region for HBO, which are unique for each car, together with the installation.Alternatively, to 10 000 rubles.Then, calculate the average annual mileage, even 30 000 km.Now make a calculation: 000/100 30 x 12 = 3600 liters of gasoline, which at the initial price of 20 rubles per liter, will result in 72 000 rubles.Gas consumption for the same run of 36 000, ie less than half.The octane number of gas 103-105, which is almost completely eliminates the detonation, the related negative phenomena.Due to the better of mixing gas with air, and the gas mixture is distributed evenly over the cylinder, improved engine idle, it is quieter and softer.Gas engine oil is not liquefied, its combustion produces nearly twice as less CO.However, each has shortcomings installation, the gas engine is no exception.At the higher calorific value of the fuel.1.19 liters of gas is equivalent to a liter of gasoline.Hence, higher fuel consumption.The gasoline engine more powerful than 5%.Inexpensive gear HBO except certain optimal operation of the engine constant or slightly impoverish or pereobogaschaet mixture.Such thermal overload has to feel the spark plugs, valves and their saddles in the cylinder head during the movement with a large front-loaded, driving in mountainous terrain, so the gas is not for the riders.Not every machine can be installed due to the bulkiness of the gas cylinder: the modern car, the more expensive and harder to GO for it.If the old carburetor vehicle to install the gas is easy and inexpensive, modern vpryskovyh engine with computer-controlled flashing requires controllers, tie injectors, and other complicated and not cheap operation.Gas equipment is not suitable for installation in a small car, with an annual mileage of less than 10 000 km.It is not recommended to install it on a machine that less than a year on cars with a diesel engine and, of course, if in the village no gas stations.