you need
  • - new windshield;
  • - degreaser;
  • - primer for glass sealant;
  • - Special sealant for glass inserts;
  • - a powerful gun (the best domestic and not made in China, because the sealant tight squeeze and it is difficult, making Chinese-made pistol fast break);
  • - Scotch.
  • In case you happen to damage the old gum, and the new glass comes without it, get as rubber seal.
  • You also need voluntary assistance of another person.
So, you have purchased a new windshield and the necessary tools.After that, remove the remnants of the old glass.Remove anything that might interfere with: windshield, dash (if necessary) and edging.
Cover with a cloth hood and i
nterior of the car, in case when removing the glass will begin to crumble.If the glass can just squeeze, do it.If this is not possible, remove glass using special suction cups (can be used instead plunger 4) or use the string to cut glass.At the same time, be careful not to damage plastic parts.To prevent damage to the hands, use gloves.Completely remove remnants of the old sealant to avoid difficulties in the subsequent deposition of soil.
Put the glass on the fabric, which is covered with hood, face down and put on the glass seal.Then degrease the contact surfaces.Prime with a new body and the glass at the joint with a thin layer.
Apply sealant flat layer without sagging and breaks the entire surface of the cut under the windshield.If the sealant is squeezed hard, heat the tube to 40 degrees with a blowtorch.
Take a glass, better using special suction cups, and set it in place of the old glass.Do not overdo it, press down gently, otherwise the "extra" sealant will come out to the outside, and then you will have to delete it.Fix glass tape, pulling him to the car body, and wait.
Change the glass in an unheated garage in freezing weather is undesirable.It is better to carry out this procedure in a warm place so quickly dry sealant.Thus it is necessary that the car was standing on a flat surface.Also try not to slam the door, as the glass may shift and subsequently burst.