you need
  • solvent, water, cloth, wax.
If the paint is fresh, cook the solvent, water and a special cloth.Generously soak a cloth in a solvent and intensively treat the base layer, while the paint is not completely ingrained in the surface.
When choosing a solvent guided first and foremost on his power.Take a medium or a strong quality.Light will not work, since it is intended primarily for a scrubbing oil stains.Average strength solvent will be the best choice in removing paint with lacquer coating of the car.
If the solvent is strong enough, it should be immediately after application to the nai
l rinse with cold water.This is done to too powerful a solvent is completely corroded paint or did not leave a trace on it.If the solvent is average in power, hold it to the surface a few minutes before washing out.Apply it several more times for the desired effect.Usually, missing two or three times of execution of this procedure.
Use wax to remove remaining traces of ink.
If the paint has long been ingrained in the paint, there is little that can be corrected on its own.Rely on professionals.Drive away your car in a car repair shop and experienced repairers have to pay for the return clean the hood of your car.
for the future: Do not leave your car at night in the yard.Spilled paint on the hood - not the worst thing that can create hooligans with your iron horse.In the garage, do not leave on the upper shelves with various banks for coloring material.There have been many cases where the owners of cars in its clumsiness dropped paint on the bumper, roof and hood from the upper branches of the garage.