When driving a car VAZ lighted red lamp emergency charging, check, charge or not there may be a simple way.With the engine must be removed from the battery positive terminal, and if the engine continues to run, the charge is, and if you stop - the battery can not be charged.

In the first case it is necessary to check the wiring coming from the alternator to the fuse box to the dashboard.It often happens that the fuse is blown or oxidized.In the second case it is necessary to remove and inspect the generator.Frequent breakdowns in this case is the failure of the relay, the voltage regulator.

should be remembered that this method can be used only for gasoline engines, fuel injection on these manipulations can lead to failure of the electronic control unit i

Removing the generator from the car

Removal Procedure Generator is simple and the power of any motorist.To do this you need two keys 17 and the key 10 to disconnect the wires.Before you begin, you must disconnect the battery by removing the terminals.Next, unscrew the self-locking nut on the bracket for the alternator belt, then move the generator side of the engine and remove the belt.

Disconnect from all the penciled generator wires to it.Then hold one key to turning the bolt of the generator, the second key unscrew the nut.Remove the bolt from the bracket and remove the generator from the engine.

check and repair the generator

On VAZ 2101 - 2107 and VAZ 2108 - 21099 established the same type of generators.Therefore, for all of these models and the verification procedure will be similar to repair the generator.

At the beginning of the disassembly is necessary to remove the relay, the voltage regulator by loosening its screws holding the screwdriver.The generator consists of three parts, remove the pins.To disassemble the generator, unscrew the nuts from the studs and disconnect the front and rear covers of the stator housing.

To test the relay controller, connect a test lamp to the brushes.To connect the positive terminal "+" of the voltage source 12 V, and "-" connect to the body of the brush holder.When voltage is 12 V lamp should light up, and when the voltage is increased to 16 go out.If it does not, replace the relay controller.

Connect the tester to the slip rings of the rotor when winding prozvanivatsya not, then they have broken, and the rotor will have to be replaced.Plug one wire from the test lamp 12 to a power source to the body of the rotor, and the second turn to the slip rings.If the lamp lights up, it means that the closure of the winding and rotor also need to be replaced.

Inspect the stator on the inside, if there are signs of grazing rotor - replace the bearings or both covers.To check the stator windings connect the test lamp to the windings, in all three cases, the lamp should light up if there is no - there is a breakage and must be replaced or the stator winding.To check on the circuit, connect one wire from the test lamp to the stator housing and the second turn to the winding.The lamp shall not light when lit - and also replace the stator winding.

For diode rectifier unit, connect the "+" power supply via a control lamp to a conclusion "30" of the generator and negative to the body.If the warning light is lit, the unit is the closure and also need to be replaced.

Troubleshooting After replacing faulty parts and assemble the generator set on the vehicle and tighten the belt as instructed.