Remove the contacts leading to the steering wheel, then gently remove it.If your steering wheel is already cover, remove it.Gently wipe the wheel, and then several layers of cling film wrap steering wheel.Winding up as long as it is no longer transparent.Then smooth it, to get rid of wrinkles and more obkleyte tape over the entire surface.Draw a line stationery knife on the inner surface of the steering wheel, cutting through film and adhesive tape.Carefully remove.
Straighten remove a layer of the film and adhesive tape.To do this, place it on a flat surface and roll it with a rolling pin, dough.It must straighten it as much as possible.Next, move the resulting pattern on paper and draw around it.Cut along the contour drawing paper, and then make a pattern
of the material that you are going to wrap steering wheel.Note the long edge of each side centimeter and wrap it.Iron the folds of iron, heated to a mean temperature.Be careful not to burn the material.After that, do the holes for the ribbons.They insert metal hardeners - this will help prevent tearing the material at a stretch.Further stitch narrow edges such that the material forms a ring.Put it on the steering wheel, if necessary thrust seam and add material.
Put the cover on the wheel and tighten it by threading a ribbon through the holes inside.It is best to use a ribbon made of leather - they are quite durable and look good.Tighten the ribbon and check for wrinkles on the steering wheel.If present, remove the cover and correct it.Alternatively, you can paste on the underside of the foam material layer thickness of one-half centimeter.Paint it to the color of the material using a marker - in this case, even if the foam is visible, it will not be evident.
Put cover on the steering wheel, and carefully tighten it using the ribbon.Then set the wheel in place.