Classical hydraulics by the absence of direct communication car engine and wheels.The torque is transmitted by means of the working fluid through the slave and master turbine.The hydromechanical transmission mode there is a sport, winter mode, the program is cost-effective drive and the ability to shift gears manually.The most common variant of transition to manual driving called Tiptronic, ieswitching speed is sufficient to push the handle forward gears to select the next gear, or backward to turn the previous one.
If you have a CVT, the car will consume less fuel than other transmissions.Gearbox CVT works gradually and independently picks the moment of switching, while maintaining hig
h-speed balance.With this box gear the car is running in the same tone, like a trolley, but the most recent mechanisms of the problem is felt much less.
Robotic mechanic filling resembles a manual transmission, but the nature of the control, it is a pure machine.This mechanism loyal responds to a calm driving mode, however, if sharply push the gas pedal to the floor, the gear shift will be immediately noticeable - you'll feel sharp jolts when changing each speed.Sequential Transmission consumes less fuel, and the mechanism is easier than in the case of the other boxes.
robotized transmission with two clutches is much smoother and sharper than an ordinary machine.However, the cost of such a mechanism is much higher and it is used mostly in sports cars.The clutch pedal is used only at the start, then squeeze it is not necessary, simply shift gears.This box is quite noisy and not just comfort when switching.