you need
  • - passport;
  • - a medical certificate;
  • - individual taxpayer identification number;
  • - Photo 3x4 cm;
  • - driver's license.
Write an application addressed to the director of automotive school.The document begins with the application for admission to the training courses for drivers of vehicles necessary for you search.Then write your data: name, surname, patronymic, date and place of birth, address and registration address, if they do not match.Provide information about the place of your work, as well as the position and contact telephone numbers.
below indicate passport data: series, number, when and by whom was issued.Write individual taxpayer identification number and number of the medical certificate and the date of its issuance.At the end date the writing of the document and its signature and full name.Also,
you will need to provide a medical certificate form number 083 / y and one photo 3x4 cm. In the case of training the other categories apply to the package of documents already available driver's license.
To change a driver's license in the case of opening a new category, you also need to write a statement.At the same time, you must provide exam driver card, the certificate that you have been trained in the automotive schools, passport photos 3x4 cm, a medical certificate, a driver's license.
need to write a statement in the State Automobile Inspectorate.Here you can also specify the data: name, surname, patronymic, date and place of birth, address, passport details.Then he made his request to replace a driver's license in connection with obtaining the new category.
Below write the series and number of your existing driver's license, when and where you got it.Write a list of attached documents.Sign and date.Once you get a new right to drive a vehicle, you will sign again in this statement in support of the receipt of the document.