Note productivity (a measure of the flow of water in one minute or hour).Standard models consume 7 to 12 liters of water per minute - enough to handle all the necessary area.The higher the score, the less water you use to wash one.
indicator pressure piston pump - the best is the value of 120-130 bar.
If you want to quantify the effectiveness of the device, perform simple calculations - multiply the pressure in bars on productivity (liters / min) and divide the resulting number by 600. The higher the value obtained, the higher theefficiency of the unit.
Choose a model with a filter or purchase it separately - you will provide engine protection from being hit by tiny particles of dirty water.The presence of the filter increases the service life of
washing.Even in the basic version is considered a built-in filter, get a fine filter to protect the pump from mechanical particles contained in the water for washing.The filter should be subject to periodic cleaning or washing, that is to be reusable.
Pay attention to the material from which the pump is made minimoyki - from its quality depends on the durability of the device.Pumps are plastic and metal.Plastic pump cheap, can be separable and non.Breakdown molded pump will have to change completely, and it cost a little less than the price of the whole minimoyki.Collapsible pump can be repaired.Plastic reacts to hot water and overheating.Metal pump made of aluminum is considered to be of high quality and the most reliable.
Multiple nozzles facilitates cleaning and improves its quality.Foam nozzle distributes the detergent on the surface - it saves money and speeds up the wash.If the nozzles included only one or two, then verify whether there is a possibility to order others to do minimoyku more functional.
automatic termination of the water supply off the machine and extends the life of a sink - a device stops working as soon as you drop the gun handle.