VIN code of any vehicle in the first place can be found in the technical passport.However, in addition to the documentation alphanumeric manufacturer has evidence directly to the car.Duplication caused by elemental necessity of code - protection against theft: forge any documents much easier than to kill an alphanumeric code on the back of the car.At this location code may be very different.

Where is the VIN code

easiest way you can find carefully read the technical documentation that came with the vehicle.Methods of marking the location identification number can vary greatly, due to the preferences of the manufacturer.However, most VIN code can be found in the following locations:
- upper left part of the dashboard, the bottom of the windshield (room located so that it can only be seen from the outside);
- near the driver's seat at the bottom of the arch (see the code can be when the door is opened);
- under the driver's seat (see number have to move the seat, bend the mat);
- under the hood of a special marking on the table, fastened with screws, rivets in an accessible location for viewing.

Why a VIN code

Knowing the structure of the code consisting of 17 characters, you can see the country of manufacture of the vehicle, year of manufacture, the manufacturer.It also includes a modification of encrypted auto, body type, engine.The last characters indicate the serial number.Having made the decision to purchase a car, you need to carefully examine everything, even the most secluded places, where is the identification code.Usually the problem is that the number plate is located in areas unsuitable for reading.Knowing this, the criminals often change just one number;the one that is located in a convenient location.Their calculation is that the buyer too lazy to look into tight spaces.

purchasing cars (second-hand), be sure to pay attention to the plate with VIN code and its fasteners.If the label is attached by means of rivets, it is necessary to look at whether there is a number of dents, scratches.Remove the plate and put it in place without leaving a trace, it is quite difficult.Knowing that such identification code and where it is located, you can be sure that the purchase of a car does not deliver problems in the future.