you need
  • - bus, in type and technical condition corresponding to the selected type of traffic;
  • - permission to carry out tr
    ansport on passenger routes;
  • - passport and the scheme of the route, indicating dangerous areas.
Make a passport and a diagram of the route of regular bus transportation with the obligatory indication of hazardous areas.Develop a timetable of the bus based on the average speed of the bus and the regime of work and rest of drivers.
Apply in municipal management "Urban Transport Management" at the conclusion of an agreement on the implementation of the municipal order.
Based on the above agreement will get permission to carry out transport on passenger routes.This resolution must necessarily be given his name, number, name of the legal or natural person - the owner of the bus on which the permit is issued, make and registration number of the bus routes on which the bus is allowed to carry passengers, fare payment, the period for which issuedresolution, and - range of motion along the route.
Provide your bus (or buses) - in addition to the requirements of the rules of the road - the identification mark;front and rear sequencers and routing number;terms of use buses.Inside the bus, place the nameplate of the driver and information about the owner of the bus, address and contact numbers.Also place a sign with the rights and obligations of passengers.

Check that the bus has always been a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher - in the absence of - checking - what - any of these you can deny permission for passenger transportation.
In case you have to transport passengers and want to add one or more routes - I agree this issue in MU "City Administration of Transport."