system of training in driving schools at the moment is that the instructor is not beneficial to learn all the tricks of the cadet.After all, if a cadet "fill up" the exam, it will pay for additional lessons in driving and to re-sit the exam.

The first thing you should know - the place where the exam will take place in the traffic police.Ideally, if you select a driving school in the area and will go there driving lessons, where you will take the exam.There are times when it nevozmozhno.Togda try to at least a few times have y

ou traveled in the district where the examination will take place.If this area is very far away, perhaps to negotiate with someone from your training group and make paired activity: the expense of your lesson, you leave there, but due to the occupation of a second person will be back.Of course, you will spend a lot of time will have to take a day off at work.But you will not regret.The instructor does not have to waste the time of your lesson on the way back, but you can not just ride behind the wheel yourself, but also to look at the region as a passenger, while another student learning.

If you have the financial ability, it is advisable to take a few driving lessons on the eve of the exam by an independent instructor.Such an instructor does not receive from you money for re-sit, he honestly earn the money that you pay for the activity.Better to choose such instructor recommendations: that he knows the desired area.How does it help you?He will tell you what your instructor to tell you is not profitable.Namely, in the driving test in the traffic police is required to perform several compulsory elements - turn, turn, parking.The inspector may be asked to perform other maneuvers in its sole discretion, but these three elements are necessary.Since turning clear - where an official has asked, and turn there.But with the turn and parking it is not so simple.It is for these maneuvers and need to know the area.In any area where the exam is always known (inspectors and driving instructors) are good and bad place for turns and stopping / parking.For your exam you play 20 minutes.Therefore it is not necessary, as soon as the inspector said, to find a place to turn, so soon to unfold.Until the 20 minutes elapsed from the start of your exam, you have the right to quietly look for a place to turn.The most important thing - you have to get back to the point where this problem has sounded from the inspector.You can safely drive a few turns and intersections to find a comfortable place for you, turn around and come back.The hardest part - to calm the nerves and to recall the nearest convenient place to turn.The same applies to the parking lot.From anywhere in the area, you should clearly remember where the nearest convenient locations for turning and parking.

knowledge of the area, thus greatly reducing anxiety during the exam.The condition of the driver driving the traffic police inspector pay attention in the first place.You can do everything right, but if at the same time you will be jerky and nervous exam you would not zachtut.

Someone recommends to take the exam in the very beginning, someone - in the end.I'll tell you the pros of each of these strategies.If you know that are easily excited that by waiting your excitement starts off scale - must sit down to take in the forefront, not twist the self.If your nervous system allows you to keep sane while waiting - turn in the last, so you will have the opportunity to see the examination route.Normally, the machine with the inspector, instructor and passing grades cadet goes ahead and other machines with other cadets after her.If you have a good instructor in the car, it will be you who give the students to comment on the error.You will also notice that the inspector does not go in the district chaotic, he asks the students a certain route.Soon, you will find that driving in a circle.So you will have the opportunity to quietly remember all the comfortable seats, which were discussed above.

about these things you do not talk in a driving school.But without knowing it, you run the risk of a driving school to give a lot of money, in addition to tuition fees.So listen to this advice: many who give the exam in the traffic police have understood all of this, after only one or even several unsuccessful attempts to pass ezkamen.