the vehicle on level ground, brake the parking brake.The piston of the first cylinder set to top dead center.This should align the holes M3 (5 degrees before TDC) on the crankshaft pulley and a pin on the cover of distributive gear.
Remove the plastic cover from the case of the gauge-distributor.Make sure that the electrode runner stood directly opposite conclusion on the cover.This conclusion is marked with number 1 and is intended for the spark of the first cylinder.
chatting with inserted therein a pointer to tighten the plate octane-corrector sensor distributor to the actuator housing.This index should coincide with the central division of the scale octane-corrector.
Loosen the bolt plate octane-corrector to the sensor-distributor.Hold slider to eliminate
gaps in the drive, gently rotate the housing up until the red line marks on the edge of the rotor and stator lobes are aligned in one line.Tighten the bolt plate octane-corrector on the sensor-distributor.
Put the lid sensor-distributor.Check the installation wires to the spark plugs in accordance with the procedures of the cylinders (1-2-4-3), counting counter-clockwise.
the engine warm up to a temperature of 80 degrees.Crackdown on the direct transfer to the speed of 40 km / h.Very depress the accelerator pedal, allowing the car to the maximum acceleration.Symptom little short of detonation until the set speed of 55-60 km / h indicate a correct installation of the moment of ignition.
If the test run had a strong detonation, the sensor housing, the distributor, turn on the scale of octane-corrector 1 division counterclockwise.In the complete absence of detonation, turn the sensor on one click clockwise.