Write or type in the header refusal but from the statements of claim appeal: "The arbitral tribunal a certain area, a certain address".The appeal enter your details in the form: "the plaintiff", followed by the surname, name and patronymic name of the organization or, if the claimant - the legal entity, place of residence or registration, passport details, address of the actual location for sending mail from the court.
Specify transponder data of your trial in the format of his name, address, telephone number or email
address.If the defendant is a legal entity, give him props with a specific representative (general director, chief accountant, etc.).Also write the case number and the date of the trial.
The body of the letter under the heading "Disclaimer claim statements " in the official style, summarized as follows: in accordance with Article 49 of the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation The plaintiff (name) this statement refusal yvaetsya entirely from the actionto the defendant (his full name), in the framework of the trial (subject of the claim).The plaintiff asked the court to terminate the proceedings (case number).
the end refusal tion statements mention that you have read and agree to all the consequences of the refusal as described in article 150 of the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation.If your refusal have statements of claim there are applications, such as power of attorney for the representative Plaintiff, select it in the document.
Sign rejection personally.If the signature puts your authorized representative, next to a facsimile should be a complete transcript of the format: "Plaintiff's representative by proxy."Put the date of signing refusal but from the statements of claim .