Tip 1: What is the registration in Moscow

Moscow since the Soviet era remains a "center of gravity" for the residents of smaller towns and villages.But for newcomers living in this city is complicated by the need to design the local registration.Despite the fact that many people are against this practice, mandatory registration is maintained.Why to register in Moscow?

problem of registration in Moscow can be viewed from two perspectives: from the perspective of the government of the city and by the newcomer.City officials maintain the institution of registration for two main reasons.Firstly, it is an attempt to somehow limit and control the inflow of labor in the city.Still, check for many potential relocating becomes an obstacle.Second, the registration system is maintained for greater security of the capital from various criminal elements.

However, both of these problems register solves only partially.Since there are many companies willing to execute the necessary documents even in circumvention of the law.

arrived in Moscow for a p
erson registration is necessary in many cases.For example, without a residence permit in the city or in the Moscow region significantly reduced the chances of successful employment.

Also, registration is required in order not to be subject to an administrative fine.Under Russian law, a Russian citizen can live in Moscow without local registration only three months.At home

Moscow registration may also be useful.Since it is much easier, for example, to issue the credit in the bank.Even something as simple as writing in the library may be unavailable for one who is not an official confirmation of residence in Moscow.

with a residence permit is also much easier to get medical care.By law you are required to take at any medical institution of the country in the presence of an insurance policy, but, for example, visits to clinics in the community can be a challenge.

From all this we can conclude that the presence of the Moscow registration simplifies the life of visitors.Therefore, it is to issue, if not permanently, then at least as a temporary registration.

Tip 2: What are the toast

Feast, delicious food, a glass of wine.Sounds nice toast with wishes of health and happiness.Lies there still any sense in these after-dinner speeches?The famous historical and cultural traditions certainly have the answers to this question.
What are toast
The word "toast" comes from the English language and represents a slice of fried bread.Before you drink the wine, the people of the British Isles wetted it toast .For those who did not know anything about the Christian religious customs and traditions of wine to moisten the bread was forgotten.Instead, become utter toast , before taste napitok.A between the Orthodox and Catholic Christians bread and red grape wine for a long time means "body" and "blood" of Christ and the communion of the faithful are used to clink glasses in hramah.Obychayand pronounce toast appeared in those dark days, when often deadly poison could become their contents.At the same time it can pour anyone of those present, except it is a special sin.To assure guest in their peaceful intentions, not only to the owner of publicly drank his glass, but all the guests present during the feast so often clinked glasses to the drink poured from one to another.At the same time, guests wished each other good health and success.At the present time, the threat of poisoning no less relevant, given the composition of food, the presence of preservatives or questionable substances identical to natural, so the revival of the true causes of pronouncing dinner speeches and correct reception of alcoholic beverages, are of paramount importance.Good alcoholic beverages, whether wine, brandy or vodka has a long list of useful features, one of which is a strong bactericidal.Pronouncing toast, man attracts the attention of others, they do not concentrate only on the sense of the speech delivered by the way, often grace-but also in the process of absorption of alcohol and the subsequent food.Perhaps, in addition to beautiful toasting, etiquette and spectacular servings, is to think about what you should drink, in what quantities, and that then eat? I wonder what the ancient Greeks, masters of speech, and later the Romans during numerouspeers put on the table a human skull, which was a constant reminder of the harmful effects alkogolya.Sleduet in mind that in an era of change the pace of life is changing, there is a rapid change of events requiring human awareness and understanding of things that are timeless.Is no exception and the so-called toast, which does not manage even a dinner usually a person who is completely alone.