reflect on whether you afford to win the court himself, without the help of a competent professional.Still another eviction human your living space may not be the case is not quick and easy, and the protracted and troublesome.Look versed in these situations, the lawyer.With his help, make a claim in court.
Try, with the assistance of a lawyer, to make a clear and clear position to address the court.Dismantle all possible outcome of the case, think about the "pitfalls".Do not forget about such important points as the age of the deportee person or his right to property (you will be hard to write a living space of a minor or a di
sabled person).In addition, the person may be heir to the property (a relative of someone who already live or previously lived with you).
Be sure to attach a statement to the court documents proving your right to this living space.Also, try to collect as many different proofs of your position.Please note that these documents should be submitted in writing.
further filed a claim in the office of the District Court (in duplicate).By the way, for it will pay a state fee.A receipt must be attached to the application.Once the court is ready to hold a meeting, at your place of residence will be delivered to the agenda.
When the court decision in your favor, you can write the person with housing.To do this, simply wait for a court decision to lift a person from the register.