you need
  • - a statement to the employer to issue a policy MLA;
  • - application to the job center (for the unemployed).
In our country there are two kinds of health insurance - mandatory (CBOs) and voluntary (LCA).For compulsory health insurance, you should contact your employer.When applying for a job, he is obliged to issue a new employee MHI policy.This is usually done in the first days on the job.The company also deducts the premiums for you, based on the level that you receive salary.
unemployed need to contact your local employment agency.In this case, the premiums for it would pay the government, and the policy issue in the short term.
quality of medical services does not depend on the size of contributions, but many people prefer companies that provide additi
onal services for the health insurance, as additional medical insurance allows you to get a qualified help in private clinics and hospitals.Also, this type of insurance guarantees the hospital and polyclinic care services is provided to the person of the doctor, call emergency medical care, etc.
out medical insurance in several ways.In the first case, a person can personally come to the office of the insurance company and to conclude an insurance contract on the spot.In this case, it will get comprehensive information on the consultants.
Another type of health insurance for insurance through a broker.He collaborates with several insurance companies under the agency agreement, and can advise you on the best option.

Contents contract health insurance can and through the Internet.Simply go to the site of the selected company and fill out a form.Your request will be considered in the coming days and will send policy at any convenient place for you.You can pick up the document in one of the nearest office of the insurance company.