Prepare a Russian passport of the parent who gives consent to the removal of the child.It is he who must be present at registration agreement with a notary.You will also need the original birth certificate.
Remove copy from the first page of the passport of the parent, accompanied by a child who will go abroad, or rewrite the data by hand.
Rewrite the travel information on a separate sheet.To obtain approval to leave important information on the country where the child is sent, and the period of time when he will be there.If the trip will take place on the territory of several countries, they need to specify.Many notaries draw up agreed
to leave for a certain period, such as three months.This is useful in those cases, if you plan to send the child to the other parent on vacation in a particular country several times during this period.
Refer to the notary office for registration of consent.You can use the services of public or private notaries, the law imposes no restrictions on the status of this document at registration.
Provide notary documents listed on their basis he will make a draft agreement.
Check the data included in this agreement.Particular attention to the numbers of passports, birth certificates, residence address and date of birth of the child and the other parent.If everything is correct, an employee of the office will print the consent form.
Make sure that the document is signed and stamped by a notary.Put your signature and decryption decorated in harmony.
Pay a state fee, it is 500 rubles.For technical work notary office will add to the amount of the payment has from 100 to 500 rubles.
Prove registry of notarial acts.