Scalping - a kind of speculative, intraday trading, in which the trader holds on the market short-term positions and closing of the transaction, calculate the number of points earned.Most professional traders engaged in scalping do not recommend beginners in Forex.The fact is that many people doing this kind of trade, open position without having any tangible arguments.Furthermore, scalping usually performed at short time intervals used for this minute charts.Properly manage their risks and analyze the behavior of such graphics, with no experience, almost impossible, sincethe rate of change in market conditions it is very high.S
calping when they engaged in unprofessional, very similar to the casino.Beginners tend to take positions, relying more on luck and not to signals, such as technical analysis.Having made a few successful trades in a row, they gain confidence in the fact that this is the easiest type of trade in which it is simply impossible to lose money.However, forex trading is never a win-win, and the emergence of unprofitable positions - it is only a matter of time.Many beginners to understand the danger of scalping, you need some time to lose your deposit, but then they become experts in this kind of trade.If you still think you can make money on scalping, it is recommended to take some precautions.Never trade large sums.If you want to try scalping, open a small account, which is not afraid to lose in the event of a failed trade.Be particularly careful approach to the use of stop orders, as opposed to the medium and long-term trade, stop orders when scalping are very important, losing positions should be closed immediately.Finally, scalping is not a trading strategy in itself, indiscriminate opening positions to anything good will not.Before we deal with scalping, you learn how to do it.