Back in the 1990s, the whole of Russia knew about the reliability of a Swiss bank well.At that time, a rare businessman could get access to the account in the organization.Now the number of Russians who became clients of Swiss bank and increased.However, this procedure also all fraught with complexities.
If you want to open a Swiss bank ie, take care about their reputation.The fact that these organizations are very sensitive to their clients, so do not allow unscrupulous businessmen in their ranks.To avoid mistakes, the Swiss bank and verify the identity of the potential client, the availability of material resources and
their source.
To put money in a Swiss bank , go straight to the tax office, which is assigned to your area.Here you have to give permission to open this account.Forward a received document in the selected Swiss bank and wait for a receipt for payment of account opening.You also will forward a list of documents required for the implementation of this operation.
Depending on Swiss bank and will be different, and the list of required documents.In most cases, this list has the following securities: - A photocopy of the passport pages with their transfer;
- Documents that can be used to confirm the validity of funds (certificate of employment, a copy of the securities sale and purchase agreement, etc.).Also, prepare a translation of all pages.
If you want to speed up the process of opening an account, please provide the representative of the organization's letters of partners or just friends who have become the owners of the deposit in Swiss Bank e. As soon as the Swiss Bank check the documents youYou get your own account.But before that, make a payment for the execution of this transaction in the amount of 500 euros.