Check out all the papers that you have regarding registration autocredit .Act your credit ratio will start only when you sign the corresponding agreement.Even if you have passed all the necessary procedures preliminary assessment carried out by the bank, you can simply opt out of receiving autocredit , if the contract was not signed.In this case, you will not have any obligations to the bank, and he in turn would not be against you claim.
Make sure that you have signed a credit agreement is (for a car loan ), rather than the annex or the preliminary application and the document is issued on your hands.In this case, you still have the right to opt out of receiving autocredit .Check if made the first payment on the loan.If such is not made, refuse autocredit legally.
sure, when signing the contract was not signed the relevant documents to issue you a plastic card or bank passbook, which transferred the money on an auto loan.From this moment (the moment of signing the contract and all the official documents) will enter into force the agreement on the provision of auto loan .
Make sure that you actually have concluded a loan agreement with the bank, and thus have received the necessary amount.In case of refusal to receive autocredit ahead fulfill all its obligations to the bank (a rejection legally, according to the contract).
Write an application to the Bank on the full early redemption of car loan .Enter the amount, which is equal to the sum of the remaining debt, as well as note and interest that have accrued to the date of the last payment.