you need
  • - PC with Windows operating system and Internet access;
  • - Program Microsoft Excel.
Use a text editor Excel or one of the specialized accounting software, which automatically calculates the amount, excluding inaccuracies and errors.Enter into the middle of the first row of the word "Account" with the assignment date and the document number.If payment is made on the basis of the agreement, specify the full name, number and date of registration.
Enter the "Recipient" and enter the information on the name, legal address and bank details of the enterprise.Specify the "Buyer" or "Customer" and make a similar record of a counterparty.Create the table and graphs to reflect in its serial number and name of the goods, works or services, as well as the quantity, the unit price and the total amount payable.
Record name which coincides with similar in other documents confirming the fact of carrying out this operation.Choose a measurement unit pieces, kilograms, or other interest rate stipulated in the contract.Enter the "Total" after transferring all sales for payment products and calculate the total amount of payment.
Based on the work of the enterprise in a special mode of the simplified system of taxation , make adjustments in line with the standard VAT.Replace the entry with this parameter on the "do not pay VAT, as Artist applies USN."Specify registration document confirming the tax treatment of your company, and attach to it a photocopy of the bill.
Reassure signed by the head and chief accountant or other responsible person, and put the company seal.Use e-mail or fax message and invoice company.The transfer documents in electronic form implies the provision of the original at the end of the tax period or at the request of the customer.