Tip 1: How to learn to cut

Hair want to learn a lot.It is not just those who choose to link their fate with the work in a beauty salon, but also those who want to learn to cut yourself, friends and loved ones.
The most common way to learn cutting - hairdressing courses or school.In a relatively short period of time you will learn all the tricks of hairdressing - hairstyles, coloring and styling.The benefits of this training is available - the lessons are conducted by professional artists, the theory is combined with constant practice and good examples, and at the end of the courses shall qualifying examination, the results of which shall be issued a certificate of completion.This document gives you the right to work in hairdressing and beauty salons.Choosing where to study, guided by the famous hairdresser school, raskruchennnost and experience quality education graduates.
If you consider the theoretical part of the training a waste of time, try to become a disciple of the master practitioner.If you have
in mind a professional known for his work and is popular with customers, ask him to teach you the art of hairdressing.Many masters happy to agree to train talented students individually.A significant advantage of such training will be a full immersion in the practical training and experience is invaluable because, in essence, you become an assistant master.
most easy and economical way to learn how to cut video lessons and tutorials will become.If you do not want to work with a professional hairdresser, but simply want to learn how to make installation or want to cut her husband and children, you is fine this option.On the Internet and in social networks, you will find a lot of groups and forums for beginners, just to learn the basics of hairdressing, where in accessible form sets out the basic techniques and methods of shearing with scissors and clippers.

Tip 2: How to learn to cut dogs

Dog Grooming now become quite commonplace.Many breeds definitely need to cut to participate in the exhibition.In addition, a haircut gives well-groomed appearance, easier grooming, it reduces the number of the apartment.And in the summer heat, many are pruned "coat" languishing in the heat pets.This procedure is not cheap, regardless of whether you will give the dog in the room or a private master.But you can learn to cut their own.
How to learn to cut dogs
you need
  • - scissors hairdresser with long blades,
  • - scissors thinning,
  • - scissors with dakruglennymi ends,
  • - Clipper animals,
  • - attachments for machines,
  • - tweezers,
  • - a knife for trimming or Furminators,
  • - Dematters,
  • - Nail Clipper,
  • - steel comb for dogs,
  • - Slicker brushes,
  • - specialized literature,
  • -Internet,
  • - grooming courses
distinguished exhibition haircuts and home.For the exhibition the animal are cut according to the standard of the breed.As a rule, most of the long-haired head of hair of the dog in this case is with her.Wool basically formed into the desired shape.Besides, correctly executed exhibit haircut can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the exterior of the animal.

But house can be cut as you wish.Though "a lion", even "under a zero."Fantasia professional groomers in the area of ​​creative haircuts are not destined for exhibitions limitless.Today is not such a miracle to see the tonsure lap dog "for fee" or Cocker trimmed "a Yorkshire terrier."Even the option of home haircuts typical for a particular breed, there are many, for example, for the same City.
Before you learn to cut, decide - whether you tidy your pet or just want to have hair and grooming dogs professionally.If you decide to become a hairdresser just for your pet, then read about grooming of this breed - in specialized books describing a particular breed of dog usually have such information.You can turn to the Internet - the network of such information abound.Carefully review all of the sites that describe the cut of the breed, all photos and videos on the subject.Can the first time to see a specialist, ask to allow you to be present during the shearing and see what to do and how.Then, armed with books and other information, try to cut yourself.
If you are going to do hair and grooming animals seriously in front of you, too few options.Maybe you are a professional breeder, say, spaniels.In this case, you are interested in all the details of grooming of this breed.Again, follow the guidelines above, and in addition, do not be afraid to consult with experienced breeders, experts from the Kennel Club.Check out sites and forums of professional breeders and groomers breed.

If you want to become a master generalist, it is best to take courses grooming.Perhaps you even after the course employed.Such training can be passed in the salons for animals, sometimes at veterinary clinics.During the study, you will learn the exterior features of different breeds of dogs, learn how to communicate with animals and learn in theory and in practice, the procedure haircuts.The only problem - not every city has such courses.In Moscow and St. Petersburg, of course, the choice is huge, but in the regions can and does nothing to find.

In any case, purchase the book by Nina Flyorova "Dog Grooming and care of their hair."In this edition, competently and in detail all procedures for grooming dogs are given detailed descriptions of haircuts for 38 breeds of dogs, in accordance with international standards.Description haircuts each breed is provided clear images.
Acquire tools for dog grooming.Depending on the breed of the list may vary.If you are going to maintain a hair of your pet, you can manage and human clippers electric or manual machining.Of special machines for animals to care for a pet it is fairly inexpensive Moser-Rex 1400 or Andis Safe T-Light (BTFL).But if you are going to work on a stream, then purchase only clipper animal best rotor.This can be Moser Max 1245, Andis AGC 2, Andis AGC Super 2. Complete and usually have a nozzle, but if they do not buy separately.

hairdressing scissors with long blades and thinning purchase in store for hairdressers, Scissors with rounded ends - at the pet store.There obzavedites combs.They should be flat and metallic.Take frequent, and a few teeth.Slicker brushes useful to comb the volume, such as the ears or paws, but the main combing her to use it is not necessary.If you are not spoiling for professionals acquisition Furminators unreasonably expensive enough and knife trimming.But remember, that does not need trimming all breeds, but only the cocker spaniel, setter, haired Dachshund, Terrier.Nail Clipper is in the form of forceps or "guillotine".Choose what is comfortable for you.But Dematters choose similar in appearance to a comb, not a rake.
Select clippers dog separate territory.This can be a balcony, a private bathroom, courtyard.After all, the wool will fly everywhere.The table for this procedure should be non-slip, you can lay a rubber mat or fabric to upholster it.Do not forget about good lighting - haircut laborious process requiring accuracy and precision.In walking distance from the table should be the electrical outlet or extension cord.

Before cutting be sure to redeem the animal.Firstly only pure wool, you can give a neat shape.Secondly, dirty wool is very blunts scissors blades for cars.But keep in mind that the dog is completely dry, because the electric machine.You can redeem the dog just before the haircut and blow dry.Or make it 1-2 days before mowing.
Haircut animal requires a lot of endurance, patience and friendly attitude towards animals.After all, dogs react differently to such treatments.One will stand still, others try to get away from the table, and the third and did show his teeth.Wherein the mood and behavior of the animal does not depend on its previously sheared or not.You need to learn to get along with the dog cope in the event of resistance.If your dog is prone to aggression, better wear a muzzle animal.In the salons and veterinaries often sheared using anesthesia.But if you do not have veterinary or medical education - it is better to play it safe.