you need
  • - literature on the topic;
  • - own experience.
purpose of methodical manuals for students - securing the material object as the passage.Any methodological manual should include the following sections: introduction, theoretical part, practical part and didactic part.
State the purpose of writing in the introduction allowance, enter the potential readership, which it may be interesting and useful, as well as the results that can be achieved by applying the methodology indicated therein.
Make a plan of a manual in the form of a short presentation of the main sections.You can limit myself to two or three sentences for each topic and a few basic formulas if benefit created technical discipline.This theoretical part o
f the plan for the future.
theoretical part should contain the scientific theoretical material on the subject, which should be structured and delivered to the most concise form.Give references to other works or textbooks.
Give examples of tasks or with the decision reached by themselves.This part of the manual is a practical underpinning the theoretical section.Own experience helps you find the pitfalls error that can be corrected and give recommendations on how to avoid them.Select the didactic part imagine it auxiliary drawings, graphs or diagrams illustrating the basic material.
Arrange section with additional questions that students must answer yourself, but that to do so they had enough material contained in your manual.Give control tasks with brief answers at the end of the brochure, or without them.
Methodological Guide - serious scientific work, giving specific advice to readers in a particular area.Therefore, to avoid inaccuracies or errors in writing using multiple sources of information, including the works of recognized experts.Used Books required to indicate in the end of the book, for convenience divide into sub-themes.This also knock out a list of regulations, if required.