First of all, clearly decide on what age group of children will be calculated your program as to the various age kids need a completely different approach.What it is quite fascinating, say, a three year old child, almost as much as a five-year interest.Therefore, the educational program can be worn as a relatively "narrow" character, for example, only three years old, and a "wide" - up to seven years of children.Of course, in the latter case to work on the program is needed to attract te
achers of all age groups, each of which will bring something of their own, proven in practice.
clearly define the purpose, that is the end result of training sought by educators.It is advisable to mark milestones and methods to achieve them.Of course, in this case necessarily have to take into account the peculiarities of the development and needs of the children at this stage.For those techniques, which were taught and brought up the previous generation, largely obsolete.
Much depends on whether teachers are well aware of each individual child: what are its strengths and weaknesses, level of development, health, habits and abilities.All this should be reflected in the program.Without these features, the formal, routine approach to the children, one can hardly expect success.
important to remember the old wise saying "too many cooks spoil the broth."That is necessary to clearly define the roles of all adult participants in the program: what and in what time frame should be done, who is responsible for what.And by what means the program will be implemented: mobile and games, textbooks, musical instruments, DVD-ROM drive, etc.