you need
  • - certificate of education;
  • - passport.
Discover timeframe enrollment in certain schools in your city.Normally, reception of documents and student enrollment is carried out before the beginning of September, but due to the low number of people willing or for other reasons, it can be extended to a later period.You can find on the websites of agencies in your city or through a call to the admissions office.Even if the reception has been completed, do not cease to follow the latest news college or university, as periodically opens new specialty, makes contributions of students lagging, new chargeable or low places, etc., allowing you to seamlessly apply for education.
Consider entering tehuchilische or college after the 9th grade.It is enoug
h to be in possession of a high school diploma to apply to the colleges of your city and apply for admission to one of the groups.These institutions enrollment often quite small, and in most groups, there are free places.In this case, the selection committee will interview applicants and decide on its admission to the students.
continue training in your own or another school after the 9th grade.If you have high enough scores on the DPA, the management agencies can go to meet you and to once again take to the ranks of students, for example, if all the places in other educational institutions of the city was busy or you were not able to do otherwise.In this case, you will continue to attend school until the end of 11th grade.
Find out if there are any empty seats in the correspondence group of universities and colleges of the city.In autumn sessions they are just beginning, and even in November, you have all the chances to be enrolled in one of them.If you already have one higher education, try to apply for a second higher.This decision is always welcomed by the majority of universities, and as a result you will attach without passing exams to one of the existing groups, enrolled in the chosen specialty.