annual work plan of the institution prepared for the academic year, ieFrom September this year to August of the following year, and the annual plan of the library of the institution prepared for the calendar year, iefrom January to December.

is first necessary to define the mission, goals, objectives, functions of the library school.Next, determine the structure of the plan, which should include the following sections:

work with the fund

1. Summing up the movement of funds.Diagnosis security studying textbooks for the new school.
2. Reception and delivery of textbooks and teaching aids.
3. Maintain statistical records of library work.
4. Placement Fund.
5. Execution Facility (availability of shelf dividers).
6. The recording, classification, cataloging and technical processing of new arrivals.
7. Write-off of literature.
8. Work on the preservation of the fund:
a) organization of works on minor repairs of books.
b) Provide the required mode of systematic physical storage and preservation of libr
ary fund.
c) Provision of measures to compensate for damage caused by media in the prescribed manner.
g) Work with debtors (of lists).

9. Acquisition Fund periodicals in line with the educational programs:
a) Subscribing to the 1st half.
b) Subscribing to the 2nd half.

c) control of delivery.

bibliographic service

1. Adding and editing alphabetical and systematic catalogs of the library.
2. Updating and editing an electronic catalog of publications.
3. Implementation of the thematic and factual inquiries.
4. Drafting newsletters of new arrivals.
5. Drafting of recommendation lists.
6. Conducting lessons on the basics of bibliographic knowledge on various topics.
7. Updating website with current information on the work of the library.

work with readers

1. Individual work:

a) Receiving and issuing literature on the subscription.
b) re-recorded conversations with readers of the rules of the library.

2. Analysis of reader forms in order to identify debtors, drawing up lists of debtors and work with them.
3. Analysis of reader forms for the purpose of awarding the title "The best reader of the year".
4. Organization and completion of thematic exhibitions.
5. Updating information stands library.
6. Coordination with the work of the deputy library.director of scientific activities, CCP, the interaction with the libraries of the city.
7. Recreational Activities.

Professional Development

1. Participation in the work of library workshops.
2. Studying and implementing best practices libraries.

Library Advertising activity

1. The information in the media about events, exhibitions and promotions.
2. Making information boards, leaflets on the activities of the library.
3. Conduct public display, library exhibitions.
4. Advertising services provided by the library.