Mental attitude

a calm and confident on the examiner produces a much more pleasant experience than the doubting and trembling with fear.Going to test, tune, and strongly positive.If you are willing in good faith, the exam - a great chance to show their best side, remember the teacher.And if you go into the exam, do not even open textbook ... well, tune in to the fact that you're lucky!

sure to write cribs!But take them with you to the exam is not necessary - any teacher will not be happy when you pull out your notes, even in order to ensure that the issue is fully covered.Write as cribs useful to systematize knowledge, it's a wonderful concise synopsis, which reflects the basic provisions of the topic.In addition, w
hen writing it into operation the mechanical and visual memory, which means you better learn the material.

Dress for the exam in business style - it will show your serious attitude and respect as a teacher and to his subject.Frivolous, explicit or informal attire in the exam out of place - it can have a negative pre-configure the examiner in relation to you.
Tips Help

comrades, of course, necessary, but the exam - this is exactly the situation when every man for himself.Cases when the honors, trying to "share" their knowledge with a friend during the exam, removed the door.Most likely, this is not the result that you seek.
responsible manner

Caught with a teacher one-on-one answer confidently, convincingly, clearly and loudly enough.You should not go to extremes: too arrogant and self-confident behavior will not stand you in good stead: the teacher certainly knows the subject better than you, do not provoke his desire to have "fall asleep."Too timid and clamped behavior is also not welcome.Even if you answer the ticket fine, but do it quietly, timidly and unemotionally, the examiner may think that you are not confident in their knowledge.
frankly do not know if the ticket

Do not give up immediately and ask for another ticket - perhaps you will know it is not better.Try all the same stretch memory and find in its depths something even remotely relevant to the exam questions.If you manage it, you tell me what you know, do not forget at least occasionally mention how it relates to the theme of the ticket.Of course, the teacher will understand that the question you do not know, but maybe he will appreciate your knowledge in the related field, and might just put you "satisfactory" for the courage and resourcefulness.