Appetite comes with eating - talk about a situation where in the course of engaging in any action appears excitement and motivation to continue working.

in set phrases and sayings about food can mean anything, and having to process food and food very indirect relation.

set phrases mentioning food

Manna from heaven - God's gift.Saved from starvation in the desert wandering of the Jews during the Exodus.Disputes lichen archill used in food nomads.

Salt of the Earth - the best representatives of mankind.So Jesus called his apostles in the Sermon on the Mount.Salt - a product that is produced in pure form, it can not be replaced by anything, it does not lose its properties (chemical reactions do not count - it is not salt).

bone of contention - the cause of the q
uarrel.Innocent fruit became an indirect cause for the outbreak of one of the most famous wars - the Trojan.Apple had to take the most beautiful of the three contenders.One - Aphrodite got the apple, the other two - Hera and Athena began to retaliate.

Russian idioms, proverbs and sayings about food

squeezed lemon - physically or mentally exhausted people.The etymology can be traced to the dictionary Dahl - "lemon soaked through, so throw out" - in the sense of uselessness.

Woe onion - suffering, without an objective reason, tears appearing when cleaning the bow, do not mean a real crying.

Demyanova ear - stalking proposal.Source - fable of the same name.

Brew porridge - to organize anything troublesome.Porridge - in Russia also means feasting on various occasions on which szyvalis guests, who had to be entertained in any way.

seven miles jelly slurp - considerable effort and not achieve the desired result.Kissel in Russia was considered a separate ordinary dish, which were used for the preparation of a variety of cereals.Come visit and get a pudding as a treat, while when he wanted more ceremonial dishes - go to the guests in vain.

like cheese in butter - in maximum comfort.During the processing of the milk obtained several products, of which the most important are oil and cottage cheese (cheese), which became a symbol of prosperity.The combination of two characters visible overexpression.

not bast soup slurp - to be no worse than others.Bast and soup became a symbol of poverty and hlebanie ing bast shoes and even a sign of barbarism.

empty-handed - in vain.At one time, salt was scarce.The guests can go to make up the physiological need for salt, but guests can serves no salt.So his business failed.

Professor cabbage (cabbage master) - ignorant people.Idiom is based on the contrast of high rank and the most primitive product (soup in the true sense - a refreshing beverage).

side of full sun - a superfluous man.Idiom of the area bakers.When pouring the test side could stay a little bit of - marriage (full sun), which is spoiling the look of the product.