Originally from China

oranges homeland is southern China, where the orange groves were cultivated 2,500 thousand years ago.From China to India has got an orange, and then, most likely, was taken by the Arabs in Egypt and Syria.

In Europe oranges appeared in the XV century thanks to the crusades.If it was not the desire to protect the Crusaders from the Holy Land, the infidels, orange, most likely, would have ended up in Europe much later.However, the very orange tree in Europe, the Portuguese brought.

sweet, tasty, fragrant fruit were greeted enthusiastically in many European countries.Fans guest fr
om faraway China in France, Italy and the Netherlands quickly began to build special glass constructions, called "greenhouse" from the French word for orange - Ā«orangeĀ».It is in the greenhouses Europeans first began to cultivate oranges.

In taste most prized thin-skinned, juicy and full-fledged Maltese, Genoese, and Sicilian oranges.The fruit consists of a juicy orange sacs, which slices easily divided into parts, each of which contains one or two seeds.

orange juice contains a large number of volatile production, so is used to treat infected wounds and ulcers.In addition, orange juice good thirst quencher during fever.Sweet and sour fruit juice improves digestion.

Oranges in Russia

In Russia the first greenhouse, which grew oranges, appeared in 1714, when the favorite of Peter I, Prince Alexei Danilovich Menshikov, built a palace near St Petersburg Oranienbaum.Translated from the German language - "of orange tree."

French name "Orange" in Russia did not stick, replaced the Dutch title appelsien, which literally means "Chinese apple."

first attempts to plant orange trees in open ground have taken a XIX century in Ajaria.Unfortunately, because of the unsuitability of frosty winters and gentle, orange trees to the local climate, the trees died.

took decades of hard, hard work of local breeders, before being able to withdraw varieties adapted to grow and bear fruit in our conditions.Now oranges are an essential ornament Russian table.A small sun from distant China.