Exams may be taken as a physical training in schools and other educational institutions.For example, in the Susa and universities.Of course, students should be as ready to pass the test successfully and did not retake it.Also exams are servants under contract.

Good for those who keep fit throughout the year and not at the pace begins to build fitness.In any case, it is best to begin preparing at least a month before the exam so that the body is not exposed to a lot of stress.

The emphasis is on running and pulling up on the bar, as is generally accepted in the race standings at 2-3 kilometers, the race for 60-100 meters and tightening.

Long-distance running

Running rented on long-distance and short.To have a good run 2-3 kilometers, it is necessary for one month at least twice a week to run at an ave
rage pace of 6-7 kilometers.By the time it takes a little more than 30 minutes.Running such a distance helps the muscles get used to the monotonous load, and cardiovascular and respiratory systems begin to work in a different rhythm.

Before long run to do the warm-up, so as not to injure the feet, knees and lower back.After the running is a hitch and exercises with the bar, as discussed below.After the two-week cycle
necessarily should try to run demised distance at a time, to experience its capabilities.At the end of the third and fourth week as the distance is traversed at the maximum rate.


sprint can also be performed twice a week.This once fully devote training "short run", and combined with a second run for long distances, completing it at least three races on 60-100 meters.

Regarding the full workout sprint, then before you start you need to warm up very well.The perfect warm-up - jogging a kilometer and light gymnastic exercises.

After the workout, you can run 5-7 stometrovok with a break of two to three minutes until the heart rate calmed down a bit.After a hundred-meter jogging well to do sit-ups in a number of approaches to the load on the abdominal muscles.These exercises will add explosive power and endurance.

Pulling on the bar

Pulling perform better in the conclusion of cross-country training.If you are one approach perform ten pull-ups, you need to do ten sets of 3-4.The break between sets - no more than a minute, so that the muscles were in good shape.

That will have three or four full workout a week, a month will increase performance by 20-30 percent in the race, and the tightening.

Do not forget about the rest.Well to visit baths, saunas, pools.After a good workout you need to rest your body.