you need
  • - CV;
  • - portfolio;
  • - computer;
  • - work experience;
  • - dating.
Describe your strengths.Find work in « Gazprom » is problematic if you do not have a truly professional skills in management, economics or gas production.Such businesses need only masters of their craft.Think about why you need to take on such a prestigious job.Make a list of your professional skills and acquired skills.
Make a detailed summary and assemble a good portfolio.Be sure to write about your professional experience, as well as about all the place of study, placing them in reverse chronological order.Tell completely about the entire experience, and also about the possibility of a scientific collection.Make the applica
tion of certificates and letters that you have received.It all can play a decisive role in the choice of the employee.
Go internship at a company that specializes in the adjacent field.It is important to realize that a graduate of the university is unlikely to immediately take in "Gazprom".What is important is a good hands-on experience in managing or performing calculations.Companies found slightly smaller value than "Gazprom" and post to your documents.Go through annual training and were asked to write a letter of recommendation.Attach it to the portfolio.
to learn English.During an internship at another company, work on their linguistic skills.English becomes almost mandatory for employees of all companies, including those for "Gazprom".Companies that level always negotiate with foreign colleagues, who mostly speak in English.Keep this in mind and work on a daily basis.
Get acquainted with the representatives of "Gazprom".It is worth remembering that this venture will not give an advertisement in a newspaper or the Internet to the need for new employees.Need informants from the circle of employees of the gas giant.Only they will be able to quickly tell you about leaving anyone.Always maintain contact with them and improve relations.One day, you can help in finding employment.
Get right to pass an interview.Once you have learned about the vacancy immediately post through their friends information about yourself.Send your CV and operational portfolio.If the personnel department will take your application, you will be invited for an interview.Pass it boldly and confidently, giving clear answers to the questions.Then you will have a chance to stake out a place for themselves in the « Gazprom ».