Seriously go to resume writing.Try on your existing experience (study and / or work) to find the facts that will be important for the office to which you are applying.
For example, a graduate who is looking for work in their fields, recommended to indicate in the summary of that during the training he has received practical skills: mention of participation in seminars, professional conferences and exhibitions, practical training, writing term papers and dissertations, conductingstudies, etc.
If you change the scope of activities, find what is common between your past work and the work that you are applying for, and make emphasis on this in the summary.For example, you have experience of working as a waiter, and at the moment you are considering ban
king services management - in this case, please describe in detail in the summary of your duties as a waiter, emphasizing the fact that were settling conflicts, advising visitors on all issues,monitor the implementation of payment, etc.
fill the gap of practical knowledge and skills.Take courses, seminars, workshops in the chosen direction.Certificates increases your value in the labor market as a specialist.
develop in the professional direction: follow the news on the Internet, attend professional websites and forums, read professional literature and communicate with colleagues.Increase the level of foreign language: a language according to the portal, the wages of workers in Russia and the CIS, speak foreign languages, up to 30%!
Find your professional mentor in your chosen field.Maybe some of your friends or acquaintances is a good specialist in this area - ask him to help, teach, prompt.If among your friends do not have such specialists, pay attention to professional forums, websites, videos.